Priorities as County Judge Executive

Serving as County Judge Executive of Boyle County is an honor and a massive responsibility. In this role, there are many things to juggle, but I believe the most important are representing the citizens I serve by actively working together, ensuring that the county provides and maintains solid infrastructure, and being a good steward of the county's resources.

Brigadier General Howard Hunt, USAF, Retired

for Boyle County Judge Executive

Howard & Aprile Hunt

Aprile, my wife of 42 years, and I live on our family farm near Atoka, where I grew up. We have one son, Price (who is married to Chelsea) and one daughter, Hanna (who is married to Bryant Baker) and we have been blessed with six grandchildren.

I grew up in Boyle County and it was a positive influence in my life. I want my grandchildren to have a childhood here in Boyle County that is at least as good as I enjoyed, preferably better.

I have had the desire to serve for my entire adult life. I adhere to The US Air Force Core Values: Integrity First, Excellence in All I Do, and Service Before Self.

After a rewarding career serving my nation and my state, I want to continue to serve here at home in Boyle County as your County Judge Executive.

Qualified to Lead Boyle County

  • Serving as the Boyle County Judge Executive since elected in November 2018 and sworn into office in January 2019.
  • Boyle County native, Christian and fourth-generation resident of the 100-year-old family farm near Atoka, where his fifth-generation son also resides and farms.
  • Taught a County Elected Officials Training Program (Administered by The Department for Local Government in conjunction with the Kentucky Association of Counties) providing annual continuing education programs for County Judge Executives, Fiscal Court Members, Clerks, Sheriffs and Jailers statewide.
  • Human Resources Director, Kentucky Association of Counties.
  • Management Oversight of Budgets in Excess of $50 Million.
  • 34-year veteran of USAF & The KY Air National Guard, retiring as a Brigadier General in 2008.

Boyle County can achieve a new era of growth and prosperity. I will work with the Boyle County Magistrates in the Fiscal Court to ensure our local government is responsive to you and equally represents all residents of Boyle County.

I will pursue continual process improvements to increase efficiencies and reduce tax obligations.

The quality of life in Boyle County can improve if we secure and expand growth in all industrial, business, and agricultural sectors across the county.

Most importantly, doing so will encourage our bright, ambitious young people to use their talents here at home in Boyle County. Industrial and business growth will provide them the opportunities they seek to achieve their career goals without uprooting their lives and moving away.

Together, we can promote an active, growing economy while promoting a wholesome environment where all citizens can thrive, grow personally and professionally, raise families and live a full, rich life.

  • Talk to me about your concerns and the issues you are facing as a Boyle County resident.

  • Talk to your neighbors, ask them to join you in supporting my re-election campaign.

  • Vote for me on November 8, 2022 in the General Election.

  • Donate a dollar -- or more! Even a small donation will help.

  • Volunteer! I need your help (even if you can only spare a few hours) during this election.

Thank You for Your Support!

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